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EDICAD is the publisher of its website and the privacy measures described below apply worldwide to all services provided by EDICAD to all customers, prospects and visitors who have sent their details via the Internet. via forms (requests for information, online payment, etc.) or via products or services, as well as to professionals who have deliberately communicated their contact information to EDICAD through all other sales channels (trade shows, open days, telephony, sales calls, advertising, etc.). Thank you for reading all the stipulations of this privacy statement. Visiting the website implies acceptance of these provisions.


EDICAD has no control over third party sites or any other commercial channel offering EDICAD’s products and services that may collect personal information, or through links provided by its website, products and services, to third party sites that may share information on social networks and communicate with it. The third party sites and platforms you visit and use for this purpose may have features to collect personal information, place their cookies and/or other files on your computer. EDICAD cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of third party sites or any other commercial channel. Please consult the privacy statement and settings of the websites you visit, or other commercial channels you use, to learn about their practices in this regard.


Whether it is a request for information or an online payment, EDICAD records all personal and non-personal data you send us. Personal data includes your full name, occupation, company name, e-mail address, postal address, fixed and/or mobile telephone number, fax number, i.e. any information that allows you to be identified and contacted, with the exception of your bank account and/or credit card number (see Security and confidentiality of payments, below). Non-personal data refers to technical and demographic data that cannot be used to identify or contact you. There are several ways to collect information about yourself:

  • The information you voluntarily provide to us when you create a login ID, register online via a form (information or contact request, etc.), activate a product (software) or service (e. g. hotline), send a postal or e-mail message, call EDICAD, etc.
  • Additional information contained, for example, in the databases of our business contacts that we consider reliable. Some data may also still be collected automatically after your visit to the EDICAD website, for example following a mailing, by site performance measurement software (Google Analytics) or by tracking software used by routing companies.
  • Distribution partners, such as EDICAD authorized resellers and distributors.
  • Cookies and automatic data collection tools. A web page server places text files on your hard drive when you visit commercial sites, without introducing viruses or malware. These are cookies that can be collected, read and saved by the server that issued them. These cookies inform the web server of the content of your visit (pages viewed, time spent, links clicked, etc.) and help make your browsing easier and more comfortable on subsequent visits, for example by avoiding you having to fill in new forms when you request additional information or place new orders.


The purpose of collecting and using data about you is to better meet your needs by providing you with an effective and personalized experience. The purposes for using your personal information are:

  • Processing your orders, delivering your products and/or providing services,
  • Appropriate payment terms, solvency, and contracts with you,
  • Registration and activation of your products, license validity checks, provision of adequate technical assistance,
  • Creation of a connection ID, personal profile, and access to protected content,
  • Sending and managing promotional offers and newsletters,
  • Satisfaction surveys, or about your needs in terms of products or functionalities,
  • Improve our products, services and advertising, and meet your expectations.


The data thus collected are used within the EDICAD company and may be transmitted to third parties, such as EDICAD partner companies, companies specialised in processing this data and the independent distribution network marketing EDICAD products and services in France and abroad. EDICAD cannot be held responsible for the use of your personal data by these third parties. EDICAD is not responsible for the use of information about you that you disclose when you use our site and/or services.


Regardless of the information provided internally and to the distribution network that markets EDICAD products and services, and without your written consent, your personal data is not given or exchanged, rented or sold to third parties for their own business purposes. They are stored on secure servers.


Except for certain laws and regulations in force, such as those on transactional data, the retention of your information does not exceed the period during which it is required. EDICAD takes all necessary measures to securely destroy or convert your personal data into anonymous data when it is no longer necessary. Thus, information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding, incineration or burning, and electronic information is rendered unusable. The personal data held by EDICAD are accurate, complete and kept up to date. Under applicable data protection laws, you have a right of access to the personal information EDICAD holds about you upon simple written request, unless a law in force requires us to refuse such access. You can update your login account information on the EDICAD website at any time by logging into the service with your EDICAD ID (user name and password). You can also contact EDICAD by e-mail or post to request access to your personal data.


By visiting our website and pages on the various social networks, and by using our products and services, you agree to comply with the terms of this privacy statement. If you do not agree with this information, please do not access the EDICAD website, social networking pages or EDICAD products and services. EDICAD reserves the right to modify at any time, at its discretion and without notice, the clauses of this privacy statement in accordance with applicable laws.


If you wish to reset your consent settings, please use the Contact form, and ask us for it.


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